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    Basic membership includes legal assistance, dispute benefit, victimisation benefit and help with funeral costs between £100 - £400.
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    Unite fights for our members' interests through political and industrial campaigning on issues affecting you - from pay, pensions, and broader workplace rights to housing, equality issues and our NHS. Tick below to opt in to our political fund for just 10p per week

    Those who choose not to opt-in will not be disadvantaged in any way compared with members who do opt-in, except in relation to control of the political fund.


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    Currently it is only possible to opt for deduction from payroll when joining online. Alternatives are available upon request.

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    * I authorise my employer to deduct contributions.

    I also give authority for the amount of that deduction to be varied by the substitution of other amounts as shall be notified to the company on my behalf from time to time by Unite the Union. Under the terms of this arrangement my employer will pay Unite the Union on my behalf, the amount of the said deductions from my wages/salary, which the Union will credit to me as my subscriptions. I also give authority to the company to release to Unite the Union for their record purposes details of my private address and any change in my address that occurs during my employment, and my National Insurance number.


    * I agree, in the event of being admitted as a member of Unite the Union, that I am prepared to conform to its rules and regulations, and such alterations as may be made from time to time in accordance with the constitution of the Union. I agree to the processing of data for the purposes of furthering the objectives of the Union. I agree for the trade union to contact me via email and post for the purpose of member updates, ballots and other correspondence.

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    * Unite holds personal data about all members. This data is used to process your membership, and to provide you with the benefits and services which you are entitled under the rules of the Union, and about other benefits and services which may be of interest to you, it may also be used for statistical or other purposes relating to the administration of the Union, and to process any requests you might make from the payment of your subscription by direct debit. All membership information is processed in accordance with data protection legislation. For further information, please contact the Assistant General Secretary - Administration and Services.

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