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The Gatwick Union is a branch of Unite the Union. TGU is dedicated to representing the interests of British Airways cabin crew at Gatwick; defending and promoting your rights as a professional.

Your representatives are elected from the Gatwick cabin crew community to protect and enhance your terms, conditions, pay and local agreements.

All Gatwick based British Airways cabin crew are eligible to join and benefit from union membership.

Together, united, we strive to achieve the best prospects for our cabin crew community.


24 Hour Emergency Mobile

Office Rep coverage Monday – Friday for general enquires as well as out of hours operational emergency only Duty Rep 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Legal Assistance

Legal cover on a range of issues arising from your employment including personal injury claims, plus a FREE 30 min consultation with our legal team on any other matters.


Representation for all formal meetings including matters of attendance, disciplinaries, grievances, performance and ill health.



  • After many months of campaigning we have successfully lobbied the company to review and increase the current hot meal provisions on longer Band 4 flights. As a result of our efforts we have managed to secure additional hot meals on 9 LGW flights

    Crew Food – More Hot Meals ,
  • After many years of campaigning your TU has secured paid time off for crew to attend Visa appointments. For the last decade the company has insisted these appointments were conducted in the crew’s own time. The new process will see the appointments rostered by CCAS. You can find full details of the new process on the company intranet.

    US Visa Appointments ,
  • Your TU has fought hard on behalf of the membership and we are pleased to confirm that the company has agreed to pay a temporary disruption payment of £40 per day to eligible displaced by IA.

    IA Disruption Payment ,
  • Cabin crew are now in receipt of the biggest pay deal ever negotiated for Gatwick cabin crew. Basic pay and ancillaries have now been increased by between 4% – 5.3% as well as a one off bonus payment of £700.

    Pay Deal 2019 ,
  • Your trade union has managed to secure hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra pay for Gatwick cabin crew operating the 3 Day Las Vegas trip pattern. Crew will now receive an additional ‘One Light’ payment allowance, as well as 3 days off.

    LAS Trip Payments ,
  • Crew will be pleased to hear that we have managed to have the breakfast rolls replaced with the original cook breakfast on early morning flights. The company had sought to reduce costs with the substitution of two crew breakfasts, however have agreed to revert to the original loading.

    Breakfast Back-On-Board ,
  • After many reports from members we’re pleased to confirm that we have managed to have ALC reclassified as high bob uptake and therefore increased the crewing level.

    ALC Summer 2019 ,
  • The TU has convinced the company to pay all cabin crew who reported for duty on the day of ‘Drone’ disruption minimum flight pay of 6 hours.

    Drone Disruption – Minimum Flight Pay ,
  • Your trade union lodged a tribunal case on behalf of members in relation to lost commission earnings whilst on annual leave – The Holiday Pay Commission Claim. We can confirm that British Airways has agreed to settle those claims via collective agreement for Gatwick cabin crew. Full details of the increase can be read in the news section.

    Holiday Pay Commission ,
  • Your trade union has reached agreement with the company to bring forward publication of cabin crew rosters to 15 days prior to the beginning on the month. Early roster publication is expected to go live from February onwards.

    Early Roster Publication ,
  • Gatwick crew will be pleased to hear that we have persuaded the company to prepare full meals in New Club World, removing the requirement for cabin crew to ‘plate up’. This will see a reduction of workload on-board.

    New Club World – Plating Up ,
  • We have reached agreement with the company that CSMs will be rostered and paid for a full day which will be displayed as UKM on January’s roster. This time will be used for the 1 hour review and the additional allowances are intended to compensate CSMs for work undertaken in their own time.

    CSM UKM Days ,
  • We’re delighted that we have managed to pursued the company to open and Options & Choice list for our Main Crew colleagues to request a part-time contract. The list should open in January 19 and offers are expected to be made from March onwards.

    Main Crew Part-Time List ,
  • We’re pleased to confirm to members that overpayments of commission paid to cabin crew will not be claimed back. The company has agreed to write off the extra payments as a gesture of good faith to towards Gatwick cabin crew.

    Commission Overpayments ,
  • We can confirm that we have been successful in securing LGW cabin crew breakfast whilst night-stopping in Toronto. There was originally a debate with the company in relation to the agreement and whether Canada would fall within the scope of North America. We’re pleased that matter has been resolved to our satisfaction.

    Toronto Breakfast ,
  • After months of campaigning we finally managed to convince the company to increase report times on Longhaul duties by an additional 10 minutes. This we hope will reduce pressure and give you more time to complete safety checks and prepare for boarding.

    Increased Longhaul Report Times ,
  • After much debate with the company we are pleased to report that we have finally found resolution to the Excess Leave Availability issue. The company has agreed that where annual leave is available and excess is not – then crew can call the Scheduling team and ask for the slot to be converted to Excess.

    Excess Leave Availability ,
  • We’re pleased to confirm that the pay award for 2018 will be 4.1%. This will be applied to basic pay as well as all applicable allowances from January 2018, paid in February 2018.

    2018 Pay Award ,
  • We’re delighted that we have managed to pursued the company to open and Options & Choice list for our CSM colleagues to request a part-time contract.

    CSM Part Time ,
  • We have successfully secured an additional 2 crew members for each flight, therefore 320s will operate with 6 crew and 319s with 5. In addition, the company has agreed to provide extra crew food to cover the meal times as well as soup and club world blankets for the turnaround.

    Lapland Charters ,
  • We’re pleased to announce that we have managed to secure an additional 26 heads across the shorthaul crew matrix for LGW – extra hands where crew say they’re most needed. You can download a copy of the new crew matrix from the TGU mobile app.

    Shorthaul Crew Matrix ,
  • We’re happy to confirm we have been successful in persuading the company to remove the second meal choice from the Jersey service. This change will now simplify and speed up the service delivery on these short services.

    Second Choice Meal Choice Removed -JER ,
  • As a result of our campaigning we are pleased to report that the Company have agreed to increase clear times on Longhaul Arrivals to 40 minutes from September 2017 onwards. Thank you to all the crew who participated in this project.

    South Terminal Clear Times – Longhaul ,
  • Hourly flying pay is now increased to £2.95. Basic pay and all other relevant variable payments, including overtime are increased by 2.5%. This is in addition to the 2016 increase of 2%.

    2016 / 2017 Pay Award ,
  • We have been working closely with our colleagues at BALPA with regards to report times in the new South Terminal FOB. We’re pleased to confirm that we have successfully secured an additional 5 minutes to swipe in prior to briefing.

    Additional Shorthaul Briefing Time ,
  • We have successfully challenged the MLA itinerary. Originally, this service was rostered a report time of 05:10, in breach of our flying agreement. The company has agreed to re-time the service ensuring MOA compliance.

    MLA Retimed ,
  • The Gatwick Union has become the first branch of Unite to offer it’s members their own mobile application. Available on iPhone and Android, download now from the App Store.

    TGU Mobile App ,
  • We have successfully managed to have the SJO itinerary retimed to 13hrs 25mins. This duty will therefore now benefit from the full Long Range rule set, contained in section N of the MOA.

    SJO Itinerary ,
  • After the solidarity demonstrated in the May ballot, we have now secured the 2016/17/18 pay award for our 2010 contract cabin crew colleagues. Initially this group of colleagues were excluded from the pay uplift.

    Pay Award 2010 Contract Crew ,
  • We can confirm that the (substantive) ex-Purser community will now receive the union negotiated £2000 (pro-rata) guaranteed PRP in 2016 per the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

    ex-PSR Community Guaranteed PRP 2016 ,
  • Incorrect Excess Leave payments have been identified, resolved and increased. All applicable crew will receive an adjustment in payments.

    Excess Leave Payments ,
  • We have won an important victory for our maternity leave cabin crew. Cabin Crew on maternity will now receive their full entitlement of Holiday Pay whilst on maternity leave.

    Holiday Pay – Maternity Crew ,
  • Crew members who are trying to conceive or currently undertaking fertility treatment can now contact their line manager. Rosters will then be adjusted to avoid destinations with potential risk.

    Zika Virus ,
  • TGU has reached agreement with BA to honour the excess leave agreement and additional excess leave days are currently being allocated to applicable crew.

    Excess Leave ,
  • Hourly flying pay is now increased to £2.78, backdated to Jan 2014. Basic pay and all other relevant variable payments, including overtime and holiday pay, are increased by 2.7%.

    Hourly Rate Increase ,
  • We have secured the 2014/15 pay award for our 2010 contract cabin crew colleagues. Initially this group of colleagues were excluded from the pay uplift.

    Pay Award 2010 Contract Crew ,
  • A two year pay deal between the union and company has been agreed. Members will receive a 2.7% increase to pay, plus non-consolidated payments totalling £900.

    Pay Deal 2014/2015 ,
  • We are pleased to report that we have successfully challenged the current crew matrix, specifically with regards to the EX-BMI 319’s operating the AMS route. From the Winter 13 schedule onwards the service will operate with 4 crew.

    AMS Crew Complement ,
  • TGU successfully wins the right for cabin crew to be entitled to paid holiday and secures over £2000 back pay for each employee.

    Holiday Pay ,
  • Unite has reached an agreement with HMRC (The Inland Revenue). It is effective from April 2013 and increases the Cabin Crew tax allowance from £420 to £720 per year.

    Increased Tax Allowance ,
  • We’re delighted to confirm that your trade union has successfully secured the provision of sleeping bags on-board for bunked aircraft. The company had originally intended to only provide a blanket, however after significant campaigning the company has agreed to the additional cost.

    Bunked A/C Sleeping Bags ,
  • We have successfully negotiated an additional day off proceeding the LAS itinerary. Crew will now receive a minimum of 3 days off.

    Additional Day Off ,
  • You shall be receiving the Union agreed pay-rise of 3% on basic pay and hourly/variables. This will increase your hourly rate from £2.47 (raised from £2.40 in 2011 as part of the same settlement) to £2.54.

    Hourly Rate Increased ,
  • The Union negotiated variable pay uplift has now been applied to our hourly rate – which increases to £2.47 from £2.40.

    Hourly Rate Increased ,
  • TGU secures Rest Day working payment for 2010 contract crew. 2010 members will now earn and additional £95.90 allowance for rest day working.

    Rest Day Working ,
  • The TU has persuaded the company to provide Club World blankets for cabin resting at doors on the 777. 8 blankets will now be loaded in the overhead locker above the crew rest seats.

    Crew Rest Blankets ,
  • Your Trade Union has successfully defended Gatwick Cabin Crew’s Breakfast arrangement. As you know the company tried to buy crew out of this agreement with an increase of just 11p on the hourly rate. After months of negotiations we’re pleased to confirm that usual arrangements will continue.

    LGW Breakfast ,