02 Jun

TGU Website Access

We will shortly begin to restrict access to the member only areas of the site. The member only areas include, News, Campaigns, FAQ’s, Representation and Report. Once these areas have been protected all news articles will be published in the secure area and you will also be able to book attendance team meetings directly through the website.


The main reason for updating our website was to integrate our membership log in with UniteLive log in credentials. Our old website used to function independently from the Unite database and as such, when members updated their details on the old website they were not automatically updated on the members Unite profile. This created an unmanageable amount of work ensuring member details where correct and up to date on both systems.


The new system will use UniteLive log in details to access the website. When members update their personal details, these will automatically be updated in the Unite database.


To gain access to the new TGU website you will first need to activate your UniteLive login username and password.


Please follow the following steps:


1: Activate your UniteLive login by clicking this link: http://www.unitetheunion.org/activate/
2: Enter your Unite Membership Number
3: Confirm your Membership Number
4: Provide and confirm your email address
6: Provide your Date of Birth and Postcode
7: You will then be emailed your password


Your UniteLive login details (email and password) will now grant you access to both the TGU website and Unitelive. You can change your password and update your details via the Unitelive portal which is accessed from the main menu under Membership.  If you require further assistance, please telephone the Unite ICT Helpdesk on 020 3371 2100.


If you already have a UniteLive login, then this will already grant you access to the TGU website. If you need to reset or retrieve your UniteLive login details, please click here.


Thanks for your patience whilst we upgraded the website.



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