05 Oct

Non-members seeking TU assistance

In the past 6 months we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of non-members calling the trade union for advice and support. Of more concern is the number of members, calling on behalf of non-members seeking advice on their behalf. Put simply, members are financing free loaders.

The only way to effectively stop this is to encourage non-members to join the trade union. It’s clear they value the support we provide by the frequency of the calls received, however this support needs to be financed. If we continue to allow this, then over time new entrants will question the point of signing up and eventually we will cease to exist.

Back in May this year, in association with Unite, we launched the Member get Member initiative. Since is launch a number of crew have embraced the promotion with one crew member earning £175 in Love2Shop vouchers by introducing 7 new starters to the TU.

As a reminder, when you introduce a member to TGU, Unite will recognise your contribution with a £25 Love2Shop store card. The card can be used at high street and online retailers including M&S, Superdrug, Argos and Debenhams. So for example, sign up two members on your next longhaul flight and receive £50. Sign up four colleagues and collect £100.

To receive the store card, just ask the new member to include your Name and Staff number when asked when completing their membership form online, you can do this together via iPad or mobile device on the union website. Alternatively, download and print a copy of the paper membership form, or collect some forms from our office on the 4th floor. Ask new members to complete it and simply add your name and staff number to the top of the page

You can lean more by CLICKING HERE, as well as download a copy of the paper membership form.


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