26 May

Clarification on Rest Breaks

There is a requirement for cabin crew to achieve a rest break of 20 minutes at some point during their duty if the duty day is six hours or longer, (see back ground information below). We have sent out past communications to all members advising them of this requirement, with guidance on how to proactively manage this on board so that the rest can be achieved. We ask SCCMs for their assistance in helping the crew achieve this requirement wherever possible.

Points to note:

1: The cabin crew do not all have to take a rest break at the same time

2: The break can be achieved at any time in the duty – this may be in the air (if the sector time, passenger load and service requirements allows) or on the ground during a turn around

3: The break should be taken as one consecutive block of 20 minutes, however if this cannot be achieved, it may be split, i.e. 2 breaks of 10 minutes

If for any reason the required rest is not achieved, please can you complete an incident for detailing the reasons why.

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