07 Oct

Uniform Handbag

As a result of a campaign by our colleagues at BASSA in relation to the female Uniform Handbag, we’re pleased to confirm that Gatwick Fleet management have confirmed the amendments to the policy will also apply to LGW Cabin Crew. Please see the revised policy below: –

*Effective From 1st October 2017*

Uniform handbag

The uniform is completed with the Tanner Krolle leather handbag, specifically designed for our uniform and issued by British Airways.

• To maintain the shape, do not over fill and it must be fastened when not in use.

• Identification is key and an ID holder is available under the bag flap, other hanging tags or adornments are not permitted.

• To be used whilst in uniform only, and worn on the shoulder.

• As an alternative to wearing the British Airways issued handbag, you may only use one of the approved additional bags.

Additional bags

Cabin Crew may use an additional bag in addition to, or instead of, the British Airways issued Tanner Krolle leather handbag.

• The additional bag must be dark navy blue or black to maintain consistency within our uniform guidelines. Size and style to be similar to a Longchamp handbag and must not exceed Height 30cm, width 30cm, depth 19cm. The bag cannot be worn on the shoulder.

• BA liveried bag maybe used instead of a dark navy blue or black bag and can be worn on the shoulder.

• No other personal handbags can be used or worn.

• When attending training, manuals and paperwork must be carried in an approved bag.

• Only a crew tag may be attached on all bags. Ornaments and stickers must not be attached to the bag.


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