11 Dec

Pension Modeller Familiarisation

Starting tomorrow, your Gatwick TU reps will be available in Atlantic House CRC to demonstrate the updated Pension Modeller. The BA modeller aims to help colleagues understand what the proposed pension changes mean for you. Sessions to demonstrate access to this software will be held Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 till 14:00. 

Members should have access to a copy of their most recent payslip and pension statement to assist them with the information they need to enter in to the modeller. If you don’t have a recent pension statement, you can access your mybapension.com account or BARP online account.

These sessions are to assist members with access and use of the BA Pension Modeller only. Any information discussed in these sessions does not constitute financial or investment advice and should not be relied upon as the basis for a decision to enter into a transaction, or as the basis for any financial or investment decision. TGU/Unite do not provide financial advice and accept no liability for any losses or consequential loss incurred by members acting upon any information passed on as ‘information only’, and reps. make no personal recommendation to you whatsoever. Members should always seek professional advice in regard to the suitability of any pension product or investment.


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