04 Oct

Crew Food Refresh

Back in March, at the request of your Gatwick TU Reps, the company agreed to review crew food provisions on-board shorthaul flights. Following feedback gathered from the survey changes have been made and we are pleased to confirm that you should start to see new offerings, as well as more varied choices onboard, from mid-December.

The main feedback from the survey related to the lack of options and the repetition of hot food. As a direct result of this feedback new hot elements will be introduced which will now work on an 8-day rotation, instead of the previous 4-day rotation. Finally, the salads have been refreshed and sandwich fillings simplified.

Other changes include:


One breakfast tray will have the cereal replaced with porridge and two variations of the hot breakfasts (both meat and vegetarian) will now be provided on rotation.


There will now be 4 groups of food consisting of 8 meals. This will include some new meal options with each group having at least one vegetarian option available.

Snack Packs

The sandwich and wrap fillings have been simplified with consideration given to ensuring the fillings are less soggy and more appetising. New healthier crisp options will be introduced, and one snack pack will include a breadstick and humous dip.

As per crew feedback the chocolate bars remain.

Finally, the instant soups will be replaced by more substantial and filling Mug Shots.

The next phase will be to review the quantity of food provided on board. The TU is requesting that particular consideration be given to the longer duty days which operate over more than one meal time. We anticipate this phase of the project to commence in the new year.

As always, thank you for you continued support.

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