18 Feb

British Airways Gatwick – Cabin Crew Dispute 2019

Thank you to all those who participated in our recent consultative ballot. The results have now been counted and verified. 
The results are as follows:
Total Members:                                                   1665
Members registered to vote electronically:         1529
Return Rate:                                                        83%

Q1: Do you accept the company's imposition of the 3-Day Las Vegas trip?
Yes:                                                                  0.6% (7)
No:                                                                   99.4% (1262)

Q2: Do you wish the trade union to instigate the formal industrial dispute procedure on behalf of Gatwick cabin crew?
No:                                                                   0.7% (9)
Yes:                                                                  99.3% (1260)      
The results are overwhelming and speak for themselves. They reflect the genuine anger and outrage felt by BA Gatwick cabin crew who have been subjected to ongoing transgressions and disrespect for far too long. Through this result they have sent a very strong and clear message to British Airways – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
We have confirmed the results to the company informing them that we are now invoking the Dispute Resolution Process. In addition to the disputed 3-Day Las Vegas itinerary, despite our best efforts we have not been able to reach agreement on a number of other issues. These also form part of our dispute. We have therefore registered a failure to agree on behalf of our members on the following items:
Standby Construction Rules

  • The company continues to roster ‘Single Day’ standby duties in breach of the Gatwick agreement. 
  • The company has failed to ensure rule compliance in regards pro-rata/fair share allocation of standby.

Day Off Rules

  • Rosters are routinely published out of compliance with ‘Day Off’ rules.
  • Crew control are failing to allocate additional days off to crew called to operated applicable trips from standby.

Long Range Rest Rules

  • The company has failed to code the long-range ruleset into the carmen rostering system.

7 Day Work Blocks

  • The company continue to breach rules in relation to restricting the length of work blocks. This is especially acute with new entrants and ‘Inspire’ crew. 

Protection of Days Off Rules

  • The company is failing to observe rules in relation to ‘Protection of Days Off’. In addition they are routinely denying crew owed days off when facing a delayed return to base.

7 Day Work Blocks – Days Off

  • The principle of 3 days off following a 7-day work block is being circumvented in delayed return to base situations with crew operating work blocks in excess of 7 days and only accruing 2 days off. 

Night Duty Rules

  • British Airways is deliberately misinterpreting rules relating to start times following night duties to the detriment of our members.
  • The company have been non-compliant with night duty rules by planning night duties preceding a night stopping duty. 

900 Hour Days

  • 900-hour days are not being planned for the purpose of managing crew hours, but instead to circumvent Standby Construction rules. 

3 Day Las Vegas Trips

  • The company has imposed a 3-day trip pattern in contravention of the rules applicable to local nights rest arrangements for longhaul duties in excess of 12 hours 30 minutes. In doing so, the company is also imposing a pay cut on Gatwick cabin crew. 

Roster Changes Past Clear Time

  • The company is making changes to cabin crew’s rosters post clear time and/or removing crew from rostered duties and reassigning them to standby duties in contravention of Standby Construction rules.

Contacting Crew On Days Off 

  • Crew Control are contacting cabin crew on days off to notify a cancellation and not offering crew members the opportunity to report at the original time, as per the ‘Contact During Time Off’ ruleset.

Forced Unpaid Leave

  • Crew Control are insisting that ad-hoc leave be taken as unpaid in contravention of the agreed process to discharge paid leave, followed by lieu days then lastly unpaid. 

Working Out of Rank

  • The company continue to work Gatwick cabin crew arbitrarily and unnecessarily out of rank. 

Availability of Part Time Contacts

  • Since 2012, the company has failed to make offers of part time to a satisfactory level within the cabin crew establishment.

Contracting 2010 Colleagues Out of NSP

  • The company continues to surreptitiously contract crew out of the Gatwick Cabin Crew NSP (Post 2010).  

LHR/LGW A320 CEO Redeployment

  • The company has failed to provide details or make clear how they intend to mitigate anticipated loss of earnings resulting from the proposed removal of ‘Inflight Retail’ from densified A320 aircraft.

In pursuance of the issues raised above, we have asked that the company convene a meeting at the earliest opportunity so we may address and resole the genuine concerns of our members.
We will of course continue to update you as the situation progresses.
As always, thank you for your trust and support.

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