24 Feb

Next Steps, Pay Claim and Branch Meeting

We have a number of updates for you which we will be sending out in three separate emails. The first, this email, outlines the next steps and answers questions in relation to the ‘Industrial Dispute Process’. The second email is an update in relation to the ‘Joint Pay Claim’ and our third email is confirmation of our next branch meeting.
As you know, we currently have two industrial disputes with British Airways. The first is the companywide ‘Joint TU Pay Claim’ and the second is the ‘BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute 2019’, which includes the IMPOSED 3-day Las Vegas.
We’ve received a number of questions in relation to the ‘Industrial Dispute Process’; for example how it works, and what members can expect to happen next.
The ‘Industrial Dispute Process’ is a series of staged meetings with the company which provides an opportunity for resolution at each stage. It starts with a ‘Stage 1’ meeting and concludes at the ‘BA Forum’ – a meeting held between the Director of People for British Airways and the National Officer of Unite. If agreement cannot be reached at the final stage, then both sides take a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period before considering their next action. This may include a ballot for industrial action / strike action. The process can take some months to complete, depending on the progress made – or lack of it – at each stage. 
The ‘BA Cabin Crew Dispute 2019’ is at the early stage of this process, Stage 1. The ‘Joint Pay Claim’ however has completed the process and the 14-day cooling off period has already taken place. This means Unite is now free to escalate the disputed issue of 'Pay' to the next level.
In relation to the ‘Joint Pay Claim’, the company has made a new offer. This revised offer, an increase to their original of just 0.4%, has fallen well short of our expectations and is in our view an insult. We will therefore be recommending you reject this new offer in a separate consultative ballot Unite will be conducting companywide next week specifically on the issue of Pay.
Our next email will contain details of the revised offer and an update from the Joint TU’s (Unite, BALPA & GMB).
The next branch meeting will be held on the 15thMarch 2015, details will follow in our third and final update.
As always, thank you for your trust and support.

Dispute 2019

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