19 Apr

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute – Final Stage Notification

In a clear attempt to disrupt and delay the industrial dispute process, BA Gatwick management have chosen not to engage in ‘Stage 3’ dispute resolution talks.

Clearly, ignoring the concerns of employees does not make them go away. Indeed, by refusing to engage with your representatives the company has displayed total and utter disrespect towards their cabin crew.

By now you will have heard that British Airways management broke its own ‘duty of care’ commitment on the very first day of operation of the imposed 3-Day Las Vegas. The fact is, they do not care about their cabin crew – they care only about the profits and management bonuses our hard work delivers.

You will also note that the company has chosen not to disrespect or impose the 3-day Las Vegas trip on our flight crew colleagues. We expect that if they did our pilot colleagues would not hesitate to take industrial action to protect their terms and conditions. If the company continue to refuse to engage with your trade union, or if dispute resolution talks fail, then it may be necessary for Gatwick Cabin Crew to take similar action and stand up for their own terms and conditions.

We have now referred our items of dispute to our National Officer and the BA Forum which is the final stage in the dispute resolution process.

We will of course continue to keep you updated on any progress.

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