30 Apr

Fatigue Reporting – Air Incident Forms

We have a couple of updates to circulate over the coming days whilst we await the next BA Forum, the final stage of the dispute resolution process. The first update is further details on how cabin crew can report not only actual fatigue incidents post duty, but also potential fatigue incidents prior to duty.
With the introduction of the AIR (Coruson) reporting system, cabin crew are now able to report both actual and potential fatigue events. Therefore, if you do have concerns about an upcoming work schedule, where you believe you may be at risk of fatigue, you are able to report it.
As you know, as cabin crew we are legally obliged to comply with the Fatigue Management reporting scheme in place at British Airways and it is our responsibility to ensure we report all potential and actual incidents of fatigue.
However, we are mindful that some cabin crew may not be familiar with how to access and submit reports using the AIR reporting system.

You can access the AIR reporting system either through your ESS dashboard by clicking the AIR link under ‘Company Procedures‘, or by downloading and installing the app to to your personal device. To download and install the app, please follow the instructions below: –

1: Download the Air (Coruson) reporting app from either the Apple Store of Google Play Store by clicking the link below. 2. When you launch the app for the first time you must enter the tenant name.
3. Enter the tenant name as: air.gaelenlighten.com
4. Click next to go to the Coruson login screen
5. Click on BA under the area Log in through SSO – Make sure you select ‘remember me’.
6. Enter your BSAFE details to log in
7. The app will now install. NOTE: It can take up to 5 minutes to install and you must ensure the screen does not time out during the installation process.
8. From the menu select ‘Reporting’. The application is now ready to use.

How to submit a report

If you have completed a duty which you believe resulted in ‘Actual’ fatigue you can submit a report by following these steps: 
1: Click ‘Cabin Safety Report’
2: Tick ‘Fatigue
3: Complete Event Date/Time details
4: Tick ‘Actual
5: Complete the rest of the form including the event title ‘Cabin Crew Fatigue Report
6: Upload a screenshot of your roster
7: Click ‘Submit Report’
Alternatively, if you have concerns about a forward roster and would like to report a ‘Potential’ fatigue situation, complete the following steps:
1: Click ‘Cabin Safety Report’
2: Tick ‘Fatigue
3: Complete Event Date/Time details
4: Tick ‘Potential
5: Complete the rest of the form including the event title ‘Cabin Crew Fatigue Report
6: Upload a screenshot of your roster
7: Click ‘Submit Report’
We really need Gatwick cabin crew to help us, help them with the reporting of fatigue so rosters can be scrutinised, and poor rostering practices addressed. Our colleagues at BALPA have embraced this practice and are already starting to see improvements.

Please also remember that if you do consider your ability to perform safety related duties is impaired by fatigue prior to reporting for duty, you must report it.
To report fatigue prior to commencing a duty or whilst downroute, call CCAS on +44 208 757 6699 or if out of hours call the DOMS on + 44 208 513 0002
Remember, use language consistent with fatigue reporting. For example:

‘I am reporting unfit for duty due to Fatigue’
Be clear on the type of fatigue you are reporting?
‘I believe that I am currently suffering from Transient Fatigue / Cumulative Fatigue’
Explain the cause of the fatigue, i.e. combination of duties, number of earlies/lates, inability to rest between duties, disruption, disturbed/interrupted rest, time zone changes, length of duties, in-flight pressure and stresses, number of sectors, inflight workload, single days off etc.
It is important that you remember your responsibility to manage your rest effectively prior to reporting for duty. Excessive socialising, poor rest management and commuting issues will all be classified as unrested, not cabin crew fatigue.
Finally, in all circumstances remember to complete an incident form as detailed above and if possible include a sleep and duty diary for the previous week. This information is very important as it helps to identify patterns with the rostering of certain duties that may be causative or contributing factors.

If you have any questions, or require further assistance with identifying, avoiding or reporting fatigue, please do not hesitate to contact your TU reps. 

As always, thank you for your support.

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