03 May

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute 2019 – Update 3rd May

Today we met with both our National and Regional Unite officers to brief them on our items of dispute, ahead of the next BA Forum.
We can report to members that they were equally outraged at the contempt and lack of respect currently being demonstrated towards BA Gatwick Cabin Crew and are fully committed to supporting us.
They were also incredibly impressed with the strength of support shown by Gatwick cabin crew towards their union, especially the fact that 92% of Gatwick cabin crew are members of Unite – making us one of the most unionised workplaces in the UK.
Our officers have informed us that the next BA Forum is scheduled for next month, however they will request that BA convene an exceptional forum so that our items of dispute can be raised, and hopefully resolved, at the final stage. 
In the meantime, whilst we sincerely hope that a peaceful resolution can be reached, we must commence preparations for the alternative. With that in mind, we encourage members to see if it’s possible to recruit the final 8% of Gatwick cabin crew so we are ready and able to stand united. Please ask your colleagues if they are a member and invite them to join if not. You can help them complete the membership form by clicking the link below.
Membership Form
Also, we are keenly aware that as the situation escalates members will have many questions and it is totally normal for misinformation to spread. To avoid this and build confidence, we now invite members to hit reply to this email and ask us any burning questions they may have. Or ask us to quash any rumours they may have heard. One such example is the ‘Crewmour’ that cabin crew on probation cannot participate in industrial action. This is categorically not true, everyone, regardless of contract (pre or post) will be able to participate in industrial action, as long as they are BA Gatwick Cabin Crew, a member of Unite and not away from their role for example because they’re on secondment, maternity or long-term sickness. 
We’ll give members two weeks to submit questions and circulate the answers in a ‘Industrial Action’ FAQs.
Finally, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We will of course keep you updated.

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