16 May

BA’s Big Squeeze Continues

This week we saw British Airways continue its corporate vendetta against its own customers, determined to make them as uncomfortable as possible, with the introduction of the new 777 ‘S’ variant at Gatwick.

It won’t surprise you to hear that BA failed to meet its obligation to consult with your health and safety reps or invite us to risk assess prior to the aircraft being modified. Nor did they bother to seek the views of their own ‘Safety, Security and Compliance Manager’ at Gatwick before deciding on the final densification plans. 

Instead we were read out the changes and told of the challenges, all neatly presented as fait accompli with the expectation that crew will make it work, one way or another. Yes, this is what consultation looks and feels like now at BA Gatwick.

As we are now discovering the aircraft comes equipped with many challenges including no dedicated toilet for our ‘valued’ World Traveller Plus customers, removal of beverage makers and the trash compactor from the mid galley, as well as the removal of in-flight retail

Whilst our British Airways Gatwick management are blasé about the fact you’ll be working harder for less take home pay, we are not. We have therefore written to the company advising them that we are amending our dispute items accordingly:

Item 3 – Removal of Inflight Retail

The company has failed to provide details or make clear how they intend to mitigate anticipated loss of earnings resulting from the proposed removal of ‘Inflight Retail’.

You can download the full list of dispute items here.

As you know we are currently waiting for the next BA Forum, the final stage of the dispute resolution process, where we hope to resolve our outstanding issues and avoid industrial unrest. 

We will of course continue to keep you updated.

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