19 May

Final Stage Consultation

As we prepare for the final stage of dispute resolution talks, it’s important we reconfirm our mandate from the membership. In talks so far, British Airways has been uncompromising and unreasonable. In our view, they believe Gatwick cabin crew will not stand up for themselves, therefore see no reason to resolve our issues.

They are simply ignoring you, and it’s time for your voice to be heard.

We think Gatwick Cabin Crew work hard enough. We believe Gatwick Cabin Crew have made enough sacrifices. We believe more cuts to your pay, terms and conditions is simply corporate greed and employee exploitation.

We are fighting to save our flying agreement! At the same time our friends at Mixed Fleet have registered a ‘Failure To Agree’ to fight for a flying agreement. It’s clear that BA don’t want these types of agreements anymore.

We now ask you to take part in our final stage consultative ballot. This gives you an opportunity to review the issues and send a very strong message to British Airways – that Gatwick crew are not weak, that we are not afraid to stand up for ourselves!

You will shortly receive the link to the consultation, please take part and encourage everyone to do the same. You can answer ALL the questions, we are one community, despite BA desperately trying to divide us. And as you answer, ask yourself, is it okay for BA to treat me or my colleagues this way?

Please help us, help you. If we stand together, we will succeed.

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