28 May

99.2% Of British Airways Gatwick Cabin Crew Call For Industrial Action Ballot

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Final Stage Consultative Ballot which closed Friday 24th May. The results have been counted and verified and once again, Gatwick Cabin Crew have sent a strong and clear message to British Airways – that enough is enough!

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew have overwhelming supported all items in dispute, rejecting each one by over 97%. What is more, they have sent a clear signal to British Airways that if the company fails to resolve this dispute they are absolutely prepared, if necessary, to take industrial action.

Throughout this process your representatives have remained committed to resolving our Failure to Agree. We will now procced to the final stage of the dispute resolution process, the BA Forum, armed with your mandate.

Please see the full results below. As always, thank you for your overwhelming support.

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