23 Oct

Thomas Cook

Many of today’s headlines cover the closure of Thomas Cook, the oldest tour company in the world. The story lines will understandably focus on the largest repatriation of British holiday makers that has ever been enacted and the obvious inconvenience and impact upon people’s holidays.
For us, as fellow cabin crew and union members there is also another story, that is perhaps more poignant. Over 1,800 Unite members at our sister branch NW1072 (TCX Unite) have lost their jobs with immediate effect. Along with a similar number of staff in other areas, Ground staff, engineers and Pilots. 
Many Thomas Cook crew have 30 plus years’ service. Imagine the scenario in which overnight you have lost your job, were due to be paid at the end of the month and to suddenly be told, there is no job, no money to pay you and no company to deal with.  
Our colleagues at BASSA & MF have organised a crowd funding initiative, details below, to create a hardship fund for TCX cabin crew members. If you could kindly consider making a donation of any amount to help them, your fellow TCX members will be so appreciative, in knowing that they are not facing this alone. 

Thank you for your help and support.
Best regards,
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