05 Jan

CrewSwap Launch

You’ll be pleased to hear that after many months of planning and preparation, CrewSwap & LeaveSwap will go live tomorrow.

Your TU reps fought hard to persuade the company to invest and include Gatwick in the CrewSwap rollout which has been a joint initiative between BA and TGU, with your reps involved at every stage of development.

There will be a roadshow in Atlantic House from Wednesday 11th, with CrewSwap champions on hand to answer your questions. If you are unable to attend, there is an Ascend course available online, it only takes 15 minutes to complete the course and familiarise yourself with the system. 

CrewSwap has been received positively by your Worldwide and Mixed Fleet colleagues, enhancing work/life balance. We hope this new system will be equally successful at Gatwick and look forward to hearing your feedback.


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