05 Mar

FlyBe – How To Help

We have a much lengthier update to follow this evening, however, this morning we woke to the sad news that another UK airline has collapsed.
Although Flybe is a competitor to British Airways, its employees and Cabin Crew were fellow Unite members and a sister branch within Unite whom we had worked and enjoyed a good relationship with for many years.
The same fate that Monarch and Thomas Cook  Cabin Crew suffered has now befallen Flybe crew. The government has simply not acted in the same way as other European countries have; to assist carriers to continue flying. Instead they have allowed yet another airline to collapse with the resulting heartache for employees and passengers. 
We can’t change that reality, but we can help our fellow Unite Cabin crew branch continue to function to help their members, when they need help the most.
As we have done before, we ask for your kindness and support to help the FLYBE Unite members in their hour of need. It’s easy to assume that someone else will step in and do this but the truth is, they don’t.  We are sorry to ask you once again, but experience  has shown us that despite fine words, very little in practical terms is done to help and without the fund raising efforts and generosity of TGU members, the Monarch and Thomas Cook branches would not have been able to assist their members in the way that they did.

We now need to help the Flybe branch in any small way that we can. If you could donate the cost of even a cup of coffee your fellow cabin crew members would be grateful. If you can afford it, donate the price of a coffee and a sandwich.  In our times of difficulty, fellow branches have always generously supported us, it is only right that we do the same.

Please share this link gf.me/u/xpp7tp as widely as possible across social media Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
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