28 Jun

Member Update – 28th June – Government Support

On Wednesday last week, your Gatwick reps attended the ‘Travel Day of Action’ where we met with MPs from across the house, spoke up for travel and emphasised the serious situation the aviation industry finds itself facing.
Further to the organised events held last week, we are asking for your support once again to write to your MP and lobby the Government.
As you will undoubtedly be aware, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the aviation industry, making it one of the hardest-hit sectors. We have remained cautiously optimistic that a strong return for international travel this summer season would bring about a much-needed recovery for airlines, including British Airways. 
However, so far, this is yet to materialise. Without the security of further sector support from the UK government, there will likely be more uncertainty as we navigate through the winter period. 
Yesterday, together with our colleagues at MFU, we wrote to both the Secretary for State for Transport, Grant Shapps and the chair of the Transport Select Committee, Huw Merriman, setting out concerns and calling on the Government to support our industry. We are calling on the UK Government to safely restart international traffic and implement specific sector support measures to allow time for the recovery process to take effect. 
We know from the events of last year that members have already been pushed to the limits both mentally and emotionally. However, we are asking everyone for one more collective push to fight for our industry. 
Whether you were able to attend the event last week or not or have not yet had an opportunity to spread awareness on your social media platform, you can still take action by writing to your MP and signing the petition asking the Government to extend the furlough scheme for aviation.
Sign Petition
Therefore, we are asking you to write to your MP, giving an honest and personal account of how important the recommencement of international travel is to your career and job security and that the implementation of further sector support will be crucial to ensure the recovery of the sector. 
You can find contact details for all MPs at the link below:
Find your MP
Many of the MPs listed will have Twitter/Facebook accounts, and we would also encourage you to contact them this way as well.
When you receive a reply, please forward it to the branch so we can keep a record of responses.
As always, thank you once again for your ongoing support.


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