Unite is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland with around 1.42 million members across 20 different private, public and voluntary sectors including manufacturing, public services, transport, food, finance and construction.

The Gatwick Union is a branch of Unite dedicated to representing the interests of British Airways cabin crew at Gatwick airport. The TGU reps are elected from the Gatwick cabin crew community to protect and enhance your terms, conditions, pay and local agreements.

All Gatwick based British Airways cabin crew are eligible to join and benefit from trade union membership.

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Why Join a Trade Union

You can earn more

Trade Union members earn, on average, 10 per cent more than employees at non-unionised work places. TGU negotiates annually with the employer to ensure you continue to receive fair financial reward.

You are less likely to be injured

There are 50 per cent fewer accidents in unionised workplaces. TGU works to ensure the employer protects employees from risks to their health and safety.

You could get more holiday

Unions are the people who brought you the weekend. Unite campaigns to protect your holiday entitlement. TGU fought and won the right for holiday pay in 2013. With back pay of over £2000 per member.

A better flying agreement

It’s widely acknowledged that TGU has negotiated one of the best mixed flying agreements in the industry for it’s members. Giving you better rest and shorter working hours.

You could get a better deal

TGU negotiates terms of maternity, parental leave, pensions and redundancy winning you more than the legal minimum. In addition TGU also negotiates enhancements to your flying agreement and allowances.

Support when you need it

Without the backing of TGU you could face £1200 in fees should you need to take your employer to a Tribunal. TGU gives free advice, support and legal representation to all its members so they never have to face problems alone.


We work in an incredibly competitive sector with constant pressure from share holders to reduce costs, ultimately resulting in the reduction of terms, conditions and pay of employees. Your trade union actively prevents this constant race to the bottom. We represent your interests in the business; campaign for your professionalism to be recognised, respected and rewarded, and ultimately ensure your career is something you can feel proud about.

Anyone that goes to work and who cares about their pay and conditions – holiday entitlement, pension, equal rights, safety and training so on – needs a trade union.

By becoming a member of TGU you can support our efforts and benefit from the following member services:

  • Duty Rep coverage 24hrs a day
  • Meeting Representation
  • Legal Cover
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Dispute Benefit
  • Free Will Writing Service



Personal Injury

Unite Affiliated Services

Cover for Family members

The Gatwick Fleet Memorandum of Agreements is the set of rules that govern your flying duties, time off and other terms and conditions of employment. TGU is the gate keeper of the MOA ensuring all agreements are upheld. All crew are rostered to the MOA and balloted on any proposed changes.

As a member of TGU you’re never alone. Should you need support one of our experienced representatives will be on hand to guide and advise you.

If you have been involved in an accident at or away from work, our expert solicitors are here to help. Non-working family members are also covered for any personal injury claims – Learn more here

Unite is in partnership with a range of affiliated providers offering discounts with financial, health, travel and retail partners. Our partners also offer a free debt management service that provides free, ethical and immediate debt help for individuals in the workplace – a tax refund service which has received over £8 million in tax refunds for Unite members and with Union Energy, an energy price comparison service to help you, your family and friends find the cheapest energy supplier in your area. – See more here

Your Unite membership doesn’t just cover you, Unite Legal Services will also help your family members if they need legal support. Your family can get personal injury cover for accidents away from work, road traffic accidents, serious injuries and accidents on holiday in the UK or in Ireland.

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