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17 Jun

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute – Update 17th June

Today your representatives met with British Airways at the BA Forum, the final stage of the dispute resolution process.  We regret to inform you that Gatwick Fleet Management did...

30 May

Unite Gatwick Cabin Crew Campaign

On Tuesday Unite delivered the overwhelming results of our consultative ballot to British Airways. At the same time Unite the Union launched a campaign website and video in support of...

28 May

99.2% Of British Airways Gatwick Cabin Crew Call For Industrial Action Ballot

Gatwick Cabin Crew have sent a strong and clear message to British Airways - that enough is enough!

19 May

Final Stage Consultation

As we prepare for the final stage of dispute resolution talks, it’s important we reconfirm our mandate from the membership. In talks so far, British Airways has been uncompromising and...

16 May

BA’s Big Squeeze Continues

This week we saw British Airways continue its corporate vendetta against its own customers, determined to make them as uncomfortable as possible, with the introduction of the new 777...

03 May

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute 2019 – Update 3rd May

Today we met with both our National and Regional Unite officers to brief them on our items of dispute, ahead of the next BA Forum.

01 May

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute Update – 1st May

We have received a reply from our Head of Cabin Crew in response to the imposed 3-Day Las Vegas grievance, their comments include: –  ‘We have no intention of...

19 Apr

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute – Final Stage Notification

In a clear attempt to disrupt and delay the industrial dispute process, BA Gatwick management have chosen not to engage in ‘Stage 3’ dispute resolution talks. Clearly, ignoring the...

11 Apr

BA Gatwick Cabin Crew Dispute – Stage 3

It has now been 14 days since we wrote to British Airways inviting them to convene a special Gatwick Forum and engage with us at 'Stage 3' dispute resolution talks. We regret...

30 Mar

Imposed 3-Day Vegas – Duty of Care?

By now, many of you will have heard of the disgusting events that took place this morning in Atlantic House, on the first day of operation of the imposed 3-Day Las...

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