A Trade Union’s negotiating leverage is determined by the support of its members. The more unionised a work place is, the stronger the Trade Union becomes and more effective it will be in negotiating enhanced benefits for its membership. Conversely, the less unionised the work place is the more likely pay, terms and conditions are eroded in pursuit of endless cost cutting and increased productivity.

Our aim is to achieve a work place that is 100% unionised. This will enable us to get the best terms and conditions and provide the advice and support you need on matters related to your job.

Membership subscription fees are set by the Unite Executive Council annually and represent a small percentage of the employees annual salary. The financial benefits membership provides far outweigh the cost of membership and rewards are recognised in pay, enhanced working agreements and additional allowances.

Unfortunately TGU is not able to provide retrospective representation, therefore we are unable to offer support or advice to crew members who attempt to join the union after an incident.

Together we’re stronger.

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 24 hour helplineokok
 Unite Legal Aidokok
 Dispute or lock out benefit£50 per day£50 per day
 Victimisation benefitokok
 Funeral benefitokok
 Incapacity benefit – Tier 1x£10 per week for up to 25 weeks
 Incapacity benefit – Tier 2x£25 per week for up to 25 weeks
 Maternity / Adoption Benefitx£15 per week for up to 10 weeks
 Paternity Benefitx£15 per week for up to 2 weeks
 Fatal Accident Benefitx£25,000
 Permanent Disability Benefitx£25,000
 Equivalent Occupationx£10,000
 Loss of Limb/Eye benefitx£10,000
 Loss of Digit (Fingers/Toes)x£500 per digit up to £5,000
 ConvalescencexUp to 2 weeks at Eastbourne*
 SubscriptionFT £19.03 | PT £12.89FT £20.33 | PT £13.54
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* Limited to one visit every 24 months
** Please note: If you join on a Part Time subscription rate benefits will be reduced by 50%.
*** All benefits have terms and conditions
**** Tier 1 Incapacity benefit = No proof of loss of earnings – Tier 2 = proof of 25% reduction of gross taxable income.
***** Members are responsible for ensuring their details are up to date, including contract type and subscription rate.