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11 Jul

Member Update – July 21

Yesterday the Government announced a relaxation of the rules surrounding quarantine for ‘Amber’ list countries. This is a positive step towards reopening international air travel. However, it is too...

28 Jun

Member Update – 28th June – Government Support

On Wednesday last week, your Gatwick reps attended the ‘Travel Day of Action’ where we met with MPs from across the house, spoke up for travel and emphasised the serious...

20 Jun

Telegraph Article & Travel Day of Action

It’s fair to say that Gatwick has been through a lot over the past year. Undoubtedly the airport has been one of the hardest hit in Europe, with passenger...

01 May

Member Update – 1st May – What’s happening now?

Update – What’s happening now? The decision by British Airways to simultaneously announce their redundancy plans, to the press and their own staff at exactly the same time, was a...

30 Apr

Member Update – 30th April 2020

What just happened? On Tuesday evening, thousands of British Airways’ staff found out from the 6 o’clock news that they were to be made redundant. With seemingly uncanny synchronisation, a letter from...

30 Apr

Member Update – 29th April 2020

Unite Press Release McCluskey: BA mass sackings “unlawful and immoral” and imperils the whole of UK aviation The shock announcement by British Airways that it is to make 12,000 UK workers...

30 Apr

A press release from General Secretary, Len McCluskey

“This devastating announcement comes on the day that BA staff joined together to lay to rest one of their own, a long-standing and much loved cabin crew member who tragically died from the...

30 Apr

Member Update – 17th April 2020

We hope you are keeping well and staying safe during these difficult times. We are now just over two weeks into the Furlough period, so here is a quick...

30 Apr

Redundancy Mitigation Scheme – Ballot Result

Please find the outcome of the Redundancy Mitigation Scheme ballot below. This ballot result is across all Unite members, in all areas. To accept:                15939 (98.9%) To reject:                   176 (1.1%) Thank...

30 Apr

Second Jobs During Furlough Period

Your trade union has been lobbying government over the past week to review its position on furloughed workers and second jobs, during the furlough period. We’re pleased to say our...

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