The housing crisis is growing and everyone is affected

House prices are now 14 times the average salary and 600 families a day face losing their homes. Private rents are spiralling and insecure tenancies are the main cause of homelessness as people become more vulnerable to rip-off landlords in an unregulated market. The waiting list for social housing has grown, and those in social rented homes face attack after attack from this government. Those who work in areas associated with housing face their pay, terms and conditions being driven down.

It is time to end the right to buy and return to housing as homes – not as pensions or assets.

What Unite is campaigning for?

Unite is calling for a massive council house building scheme to create more affordable housing and the regulation of landlords with the emphasis on rent controls, which work in Germany and Sweden

  • Every £1 spent on construction generates an additional £2.09 of economic output; it is one of the highest areas of return
  • For every £1 spent in building, 92p stays in the UK
  • For every £1 spent by the public sector, 56p returns to the Treasury of which 36p is direct savings in tax and benefits

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