What the Conservatives are calling the Trade Union bill is in a reality a threat to all of our rights at work. If it becomes law it will make the lives of all working people a lot tougher, giving a green light to bad bosses to behave badly by undermining the right to strike.

The government want to:

  • Place extreme and severe restrictions on the right to strike
  • Strangle the most powerful way you have of protecting your rights at work – your union - in red tape and costs
  • Silence voices and stifle protest and picketing – for example, having to tell your employer what you’ll post on Facebook two weeks in advance or whether you intend to carry a banner or loudspeaker.
  • The result? Every single one of us will have fewer rights at work, and less power in the workplace as the government stacks the scales against you. However badly an employer may behave they will know that the government is on their side, not yours. This is threat to all our rights at work; the safety of the rights we have now, and the rights we are still fighting for, such as ending zero hours contracts.

    To stop this attack on your union needs all of us to take action!

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